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In 2004, Pastor Alfred E. Smith and his wife, Evangelist Corinea J. Smith, envisioned opening a Christian day care learning center at the Zion Travelers M. B. Church.   Their vision was realized on August 23, 2004, when the Zion Buds of Promise Christian Academy opened.  The center began with two classrooms, an Infant/Toddler room along with a Kindergarten-3 through Kindergarten-5 room and had one student, one teacher and a director.  At the end of our first school year, Zion Buds had grown to have an enrollment of 25 students and four staff members.  

In 2006, the center was rearranged and expanded to four classrooms.  In 2007, an additional classroom was opened, giving the opportunity to offer care in five classrooms. In 2014, Zion Buds moved into a new educational facility that offered both day care and elementary education services.  

To God be the glory!

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